Roberto's in SM Marikina - WTF Food Review

Roberto's in SM Marikina - WTF Review
Affordable steaks? Read more!
I've been passing by Roberto's in SM Marikina ever since it opened and we haven't got the chance to try it. Good thing that our family was on a regular Sunday grocery run and decided to have our dinner here.
Roberto's in SM Marikina
The interior design is very neat, spacious and quaint. The combination of wooden tables and wood tiles gave it a quite elegant aura while keeping the simplicity of the restaurant.
You'll be presented with a big one-page menu which gives you an easy one-glimpse-selection for your choice of food. Although I find the menu lacks in some information, specifically how big the steaks are.
Roberto's Menu in SM Marikina
Roberto's Menu
We jumped right to it and decided to have a feast instead of a simple dinner. We've ordered 3 Salt and Pepper Steak (PHP365) all medium rare!, Salisbury Steak (PHP350), Roberto's Fried Chicken (PHP200), Grilled Chicken Fillet (PHP240), Double Ceasar Salad (PHP220), Double Beef Nachos (PHP260) and Red Velvet Cakes on Ice (PHP180).

Roberto's in SM Marikina
Roberto's in SM Marikina
While waiting, the servers gave set our table up and quickly attended our needs. The waiting time is at least a good 15-20 minutes and items are served in a timely and chronological manner. First stop, the Double Beef Nachos (they also have a solo size for PHP160).
Roberto's Beef Nachos in SM Marikina
Double Beef Nachos (PHP260)
First glance it actually appears that there are a plethora of chips here and only a small amount of toppings but when you dig in and mix it up, you'll see toppings up until the bottom. I just wish they could have added more cheese on it. I love that they add pickled jollies on top which makes it really exciting.
Roberto's Ceasar Salad in SM Marikina
Double Ceasar Salad (PHP220)
Off to the Caesar Salad! I know, I know, Caesar salads are too overrated but hell, this Caesar salad stands tall among the others! I thought that it will be a boring salad with dressing on the side but when I started digging in, we found that there is a generous amount of chicken meat scattered around. The dressing is on point and the vegetables are served fresh. If it looks big for you, don't worry because they also have a single-serve version for PHP160.
Roberto's Salt and Pepper Steak in SM Marikina
Salt and Pepper Steak (PHP365)
Now starts the real thing! Steaks! MEATS! Yes, we love steaks and when we found out that Roberto's served affordable steak, we gave it a go and try it ourselves.
Roberto's Salt and Pepper Steak in SM Marikina
3 is the magic number! Salt and Pepper Steak all the way!
The Salt and Pepper Steak is  245 grams of fresh Australian beef monstrosity. Generously rubbed with salt and pepper and grilled perfectly. It's topped with butter and buttered veggies on the side (baby corn and peach) along with its gravy. It's perfectly cooked to my preference (medium rare), the meat is juicy and very well seasoned. The size? It's really big and you can easily finish off 2 rice with this dish. Also, you have the option if you want a mashed potato or go Filipino with rice. Although it lacks that color presentation for the plating (they should have put at carrot at least), the whole meal is tummy approved!
Roberto's Salisbury Steak in SM Marikina
Salisbury Steak (PHP350)
Next stop, the Salisbury Steak! It does look very simple at first glance (my dad thought that it looks like Jollibee's Burger Steak), it's made from ground lean beef, seasoned with salt, pepper, and some spices. The serving size is big though, you'll get 2 pieces of steak and a choice of rice or mashed potato.
Roberto's Grilled Chicken Fillet in SM Marikina
Grilled Chicken Fillet (PHP240)
Now, this one looks really enticing and yummy! The chicken fillet is very tender and you can really taste the spices as it was perfectly seasoned. It gives this subtle tangy taste much like a lemon marinated chicken with a little kick of soy and amped up with pepper. It comes with potato wedges on the side and the grill marks add authenticity to it. Like the steak, you get to choose if you want rice or mashed potato.

Roberto's Fried Chicken in SM Marikina
Roberto's Fried Chicken (PHP200)
It's juicy, it's tasty and it's damn addicting! It's Roberto's Friend Chicken ladies and gents. Fried to crispy perfection, this dish boasts its flavorful fried exterior and juicy interior. You'll be served with 3 pieces of medium-sized thigh part, steamed riced and gravy (which is refillable so go KFC on this dish as the gravy is added texture and perfection on this dish).
Roberto's Red Velvet Cakes on Ice in SM Marikina
Red Velvet Cakes on Ice (PHP180)
This is Chloe's favorite. From the moment we got the menu, she got a glimpse of this masterpiece on it and immediately activated her cute "please-buy-me-one-of-that-stuff" eye contact.
Roberto's Red Velvet Cakes on Ice in SM Marikina
Chloe, loving her Red Velvet Cakes on Ice drink
It's big and it looks really gorgeous. That red velvet topping on top makes it really authentic and colorful. The taste is somewhat weird but new to our taste buds. It gives a fast taste of melted ice cream cake, weird, but it tastes great and looks great!
Roberto's Red Velvet Cakes on Ice in SM Marikina
Happy kid eh?
Overall, it's a very exquisite experience. I love how they introduce affordable steak while retaining high quality. We just thought that they need to amp up some of there menu items a little bit! Nonetheless, I'm craving for more and will definitely come back for more! What do you say Roberto's in SM Marikina? Feed us, please!
WeTravelFearlessly family in Roberto's SM Marikina
The WeTravelFearlessly family in Roberto's SM Marikina
Location: 3rd floor, SM City Marikina, Marcos Highway, Calumpang, Marikina City
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Contact Number: +63 9992261034
  • Place 
    • It's quaint, comfy, elegant and spacious. It's very well lit and air-conditioned.
  • Service 
    • Very attentive servers but there are times that they are cramming in one location and sometimes it's really hard to call them as all of them are in one location.
  • Price 
    • They've reintroduced steak in the public by providing affordable yet high-quality products. The serving size is a plus as well and we can't wait to give other menu items a try.
Let's rate them, shall we?
Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value for money: 4/5

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