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Zomato - introduces 26-week parental leave policy globally!

It's about time!
Zomato recently announced that it is offering 26 weeks of paid parental leave to all its employees globally—yes, including new fathers as well. This initiative will also apply to surrogate, adoptive parents, as well as same-sex parents across all operational countries, including the Philippines. This revolutionary move encourages new parents to spend more time with their newborns.
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Zomato Gold - The Future of Dining Out

Metro Manila levels up the dining scene with Zomato Gold Experiences!
It was just November last year when the world’s fastest-growing dine-out program, Zomato Gold, launched in Metro Manila. Zomato Gold’s ambition is to elevate the city’s dining experience, hence only partnering with top-rated restaurants. The dine-out program has seen immense success in Metro Manila -  with more than 60,000 subscribers and over 600 restaurant partners in less than four months of launch.
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Maldita Fiery Foods (Hot Sauce line-up) - WTF Product Review

Maldita Fiery Foods - Spicy yet delicious? Impossible? Read on!
Spicy yet delicious? Impossible? Read on!
Disclaimer: This review is sponsored by Maldita Fiery Foods. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own and not influenced by the restaurant, owner(s) and/or its affiliates, in any way.

Hot sauce has been one of our go-to condiment if we want to up the ante for some dish. It's really hard to find a great hot sauce since you can't have that blazing hot kick and delicious, savory flavor in one, it is just not possible.
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Bebe Hot Sauce (Black Edition) - "THE" Hot Saws! - WTF Product Review

Bebe Hot Sauce - Mother of Hotness
Bebe Hot Sauce (Black Edition) - Mother of Hotness
A bottle, packed with 18 of hottest peppers in the world! To name some:
  • Mojo Nagabrain Jigsaw (1m - 1.2m SHU) 
  • Ghost Pepper (1m SHU) 
  • Yaki Blue x Pink Tiger (900k - 1m SHU) 
  • Habanero (100k - 350k SHU)

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Quack & munch! - President Grand Palace, Binondo - WTF Food Review

The President Grand Palace Restaurant in Binondo
The living legacy of President Grand Palace Restaurant in Binondo
We recently visited the famous Ongpin Street in Binondo, Manila. Popularly known as "the authentic Chinese enclave of Manila" that showcases all things Chinese and traditional. I and my then fiance went there to canvass for our wedding rings. As recommended by Drei, we visited Ty Po Huat - the store where he purchased his. While looking at their selection of rings, I can't keep but think of food, duck in particular. Since we were in Ongpin, I've asked the owner of the jewelry store if she can recommend any good place to grab some roasted duck (since it was already lunch and we are really hungry), she then told us to try President Grand Palace.
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