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Bebe Hot Sauce - Mother of Hotness
Bebe Hot Sauce (Black Edition) - Mother of Hotness
A bottle, packed with 18 of hottest peppers in the world! To name some:
  • Mojo Nagabrain Jigsaw (1m - 1.2m SHU) 
  • Ghost Pepper (1m SHU) 
  • Yaki Blue x Pink Tiger (900k - 1m SHU) 
  • Habanero (100k - 350k SHU)

To give you a baseline for SHU or Scoville Heat Units (in short, hotness level), our very own Siling Labuyo only ranges from 80k - 100k SHU. The trending "Samyang 2x Spicy Haek Buldak Bokkeummyeon" is 8k SHU.
Siling Labuyo at 80,000 - 100,000 SHU
It's not just "a" hot sauce, it's "the" hot sauce! Not only it packs the hellish sensation but it's damn delicious you won't take another dip (or drop if you're weak).

Thank the heavens I stumbled upon this hot sauce last October 1 at Eastwood's Chili Fair. It immediately caught my attention as they have a picture with a lot of peppers on it so I asked one of the guys if "these" peppers are packed inside this bottle and he said, "Yes, this is our spiciest hottest hot sauce available". I immediately reached for the chicharon (tester) and the guy poured a generous (almost half teaspoon) of the Bebe Black Edition hot sauce. After chewing for a couple of seconds, immediately, all my pores opened up and voila, I'm sweating and panicking at the same time because I don't have water! But my daughter, Chloe, saved me because she has her own water bottle and I chugged it all up.
If Apple is heaven's fruit, chili peppers are hell's candy
If Apple is heaven's fruit, chili peppers are hell's candy
I did not hesitate and get one for PHP200 which I immediately regret the following day since I just found out that some of the peppers included are very rare. Good thing I've spoken to the Bebe guys on Facebook and they told me that they still have some left!

Addicted - that's the word. I've been adding the hot sauce on every single "ulam" I eat. Whether it be a simple longganisa, chicharon, pizza or even a full meal like pininyahang manok, man, it's a blessing from the Chili Gods as it enhances every food I eat. Now I can't wait till weekends and I'll try to make a buffalo wings paired with some good old Red Horse beer!

I found out on their Facebook page that all the seeds are imported from Italy and from the Mojo Pepper team spearheaded by Enrico Lai. To give you an idea, they mix rare chili peppers to create new hybrids, hence the rarity of some of their masterpiece (e.g.Mojo Nagabrain Jigsaw)

Come over to their Facebook page and bombard it with inquiries! Love the guys behind Bebe as they are very friendly and approachable!

You can also contact them at +63 9151818257
See you at the next chili fair!
Overkill? Bebe Black Edition Hot Sauce with homemade toasted chili garlic!
Overkill? Bebe Black Edition Hot Sauce with homemade roasted chili garlic!

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