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Pound by Todd English in Eastwood City
The WTF team finally tried these burgers! Let's see what's under those buns.
If there's a specific food that the WTF family would love to review, it's those burgers! Yes, burgers are now becoming more famous as plenty of restaurants are popping left and right making sure that every corner of the Philippines has at least one burger stand, regardless if it's a cheap one or a high end one, burgers are sure loved by everyone.
POUND by Todd English started their main branch in Bonifacio Highstreet along with other high-end restaurants so it's quite intimidating especially if you don't have any idea what you're going in to. We've been to Bonifacio Highstreet for as long as I can remember but never had the guts to try dining-in.

Around 2017 when they opened their POUND by Todd English Eastwood City branch, again, since our first impression that it will be pricey and we might not like it, we avoided it. 

At first glance, you'll see a fine-dining motif outside and inside the restaurant. Walking in, you'll get to feel a luxe vibe probably because of the lighting and flooring. Unlike their pioneer branch in Bonifacio Highstreet which gives an elegant steampunk vibe, this branch leveled it up by combining the raw brick motif and dark-tiled wall with a glossy finish. Although the place itself is not that big inside and you get a little feel of crammed mainly because of the narrow setup.

It was mid-March when I craved a burger since we were around Eastwood City, we've decided to finally give it a try. Upon entering, we were greeted by the warm smiles of the crew and were seated immediately. It was around lunchtime so we are lucky to secure a seat right away.
POUND by Todd English in Eastwood City
POUND by Todd English in Eastwood City
I just can't keep my eyes on the brass cups, it really complements the interior design and marbled tables. I found the menu quaint but I like how it gives this luxury vibe mainly because the way it was printed and it was written very well, not crowded.
POUND by Todd English $1 deal and combo menu
The $1 deal and their "combo" meals
It didn't take long when our orders arrived in a timely manner. They are presented well and they look really appetizing. We start off the review with the Backyard Cheeseburger combo-ed with Good Ol' Fries and FOODEE Iced Tea (PHP249).
COMBO#2: Backyard Cheeseburger w/ Good Ol' Fries & FOODEE Iced Tea (PHP249)
COMBO#2: Backyard Cheeseburger w/ Good Ol' Fries & FOODEE Iced Tea (PHP249)
My daughter Chloe immediately grab some fries, she's a big fan of fries so I won't dare touch them, kidding aside, it's perfectly seasoned, crispy and piping hot although the serving is below average, the taste makes me want to order more. Sneaky bastards! Now for the main event, Backyard Cheeseburger, the top bun (brioche) is seasoned and grilled perfectly and brushed with some tangy mustard, the signature POUND (#) sign is tattooed on the top telling us that "Hey, I'm ready to be devoured". The first thing you'll notice is the oozing melted cheddar cheese sitting on the top of the juicy beef burger patty and a generous throne of iceberg lettuce, tomato and a bottom bun perfectly dressed with mayonnaise. That's not it, just beneath that cheese are the most succulent caramelized onion I've ever tasted.
Backyard Cheeseburger in its glorious form
Backyard Cheeseburger in its glorious form
I'm a messy eater and did not hesitate to grab this masterpiece and give it a WTF loving. Your first bite will determine if the meal will be good and this piece did not disappoint me. The patty is perfectly seasoned and it's too juicy that I can't help but take another bite. I've added some American Garden Habanero hot sauce and goodness gracious it did elevates the flavor to the next level. I just wish they've added pickles (or maybe I should have asked and requested) that will bring this burger to its rightful place in the burger heaven.
COMBO#1: T.E Slider, Caramelized Bacon Alfredo & FOOODEE Iced Tea (PHP179)
COMBO#1: T.E Slider, Caramelized Bacon Alfredo & FOOODEE Iced Tea (PHP179)
My wife ordered a smaller but mouthwatering T.E Slider, Caramelized Bacon Alfredo & FOOODEE Iced Tea (PHP179) combo. The Bacon Alfredo did not disappoint, although, at first look, you'll feel like the portion of that combo is meh. The sauce perfectly complements the candied bacon and spring onion. Next stop is the T.E Slider which I think is really small albeit it has the looks and feel of their signature T.E Burger (PHP195), I still feel that they can do better with the serving, yes I know, it's a slider but thinking about the serving size of the Bacon Alfredo, they should at least stoop down the price a little bit. With the portion problem already discussed, time to dig in. My wife loved it and wanted more, with its juicy beef patty, tomato, iceberg lettuce, crispy onion and mushroom relish topped with their T.E sauce, my wife felt unsatisfied (bitin) with the portion but satisfied with the taste.

Oh one more thing, how can we forget the FOOODEE Iced Tea? You can't go wrong as at first try you'll notice that it's house blend as it gives you that earthy taste which is really great for flushing and refreshing your palate.
The brass cup beautifully complements the rustic table setup
The brass cup beautifully complements the rustic table setup
Aside from the portion problem of Combo#1, they have a very consistent taste on their burgers. They have quite a menu and I can't wait to try their Pound Burger (PHP999), a monstrous burger with 50 grams of foie gras and foie gras mousse. The menu might intimidate you as you may get overwhelmed with jargon, feel free to ask the servers if you feel like it. We'll definitely come back and hopefully, they can make improvements on their portion size/price.
  • Place
    • We love the vibe and the classy feeling when we enter. The brass cup wins our hearts as it gives the restaurant a unique face.
  • Service
    • The servers are very polite and kind. They even let us choose where to seat and make sure it's fully ventilated. They also gave us a glass of water right away while waiting for our orders. They also gave us some tips on what to order.
  • Price
    • We are kind of disappointed in the servings. Thinking that the price is somewhat above average, we were expecting a great compensation when it comes to the portion size.
Location: 2nd Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Contact Number: +632 79406019
Let's rate them, shall we?
Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value for money: 3/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

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