XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City - WTF Food Review

XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
Going old-school and upscale? We got you!
It's a fine Sunday evening when we've decided to look for something to eat. My wife and I craved something lutong-bahay and since we are staying at Nobu Hotel in City of Dreams we wanted to at least dine out and visit restaurants around the Mall of Asia.
XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
XO 46 Heritage Bistro
My mother-in-law recommended a Filipino restaurant in S Maison which I am not familiar with, so we headed there and after minutes of driving, here we are in XO 46 Heritage Bistro located inside S Maison, an upscale lifestyle center just beside Mall of Asia.
XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
They have a big menu and other special treats outside, a good read while you are waiting!
XO 46 Heritage Bistro is a mouthful! I found out that their name actually has a meaning behind it and it's not really that complicated. XO stands for extraordinary and the number 46 is the year the Americans left the Philippines, now that's creativity to the next level! But for simplicity, we'll just call them XO 46 all throughout the blog.
XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
Upscale and very Filipino, it reminds me of the furniture found in your lola's mansion, yes?
Upon entering, the place will give you that elegant fine-dining vibe with the smart combination of traditional Filipino woven tables and wooden tables along with the brick wall with matching old paintings, portraits and window-like lights on the wall making it look like we are inside an actual house. Although it lacks space, I guess the way they've designed their interior makes it easy in the eye. The dining area is perfectly lighted and air-conditioned.
XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
Feels like you are dining in a house along the old streets of Manila.
While ordering, you will be given a free (I guess - refillable) plate of cornick (toasted corn bits) just to get your palate ready and to keep you busy while waiting. The menu is very straightforward - you'll see very common Filipino dishes but I've heard that XO 46 uses their own recipe on every dish giving it an XO touch, got it? XO? Extraordinary?
XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
Enjoy your free cornick while ordering and waiting for your food.
Don't get carried away though, every bite of them cornicks will make you want more, it's crunchy, savory and it's free, this is a great move from XO 46 as it will keep our mouths busy while we choose our orders, this also works as a primer to make sure our palates are ready for the incoming deliciousness.

We ordered a very Filipino course starting with Kare Kareng Crispy Tadyang (PHP625), Nilasing na Hipon (PHP330), Lechon Sisig (PHP395), Pakbet ng Laoag (PHP375) and Crispy Pata XO Style (PHP785). We were told that most of the dish is good for 2-3 persons so don't be intimidated with the price. Oh! But wait there's more, after you devour that cornick, you will be presented with yet another complimentary Puto with minatamis na mantikilya at aligue sa mantikilya courtesy of XO 46, now now! Don't spoil us!
Puto in XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
Puto with minatamis na mantikilya at aligue sa mantikilya
The puto looks appealing, despite being a complimentary dish you will see the generously sized fluff topped with corn kernels. The exterior looks moist and exciting, the fun part is when you dip it on their mantikilya especially the aligue. It complements the sweetness of the puto by adding it's unique taste which is something like a combination of fresh crab meat and butter, a little bit savory but not too overpowering, just enough to ease down the sweetness of the puto.
Nilasing na Hipon in XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
Nilasing na Hipon (PHP330)
It did not take long when our orders arrive promptly, first stop, the Nilasing na Hipon. For the unfamiliar, Nilasing na Hipon is basically shrimp marinated in beer or wine but you don't need to worry as the alcohol evaporates while cooking leaving only the unique taste of the beer/wine. It is best paired with vinegar and can sometimes be the main dish albeit some consider it an appetizer or a very good beer snack.

XO 46's Nilasing na Hipon did a great job of maintaining the freshness of the shrimp while providing that crunchy crust. It is well marinated and the hoppy taste of the beer provides that distinct low key bitterness complements the sweetness of the shrimp. The red and green bell pepper along with the green mango bits added a new level of experience as the savory crust of the shrimp is balanced with the citrusy kick of the green mango and the earthy taste of the bell peppers.
Kare Kareng Crispy Tadyang in XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
Kare Kareng Crispy Tadyang (PHP625)
Moving on to something heavy, I present XO 46 Kare Kareng Crispy Tadyang. This is a bold move and quite smart as using tadyang ng baka (beef ribs) instead of the traditional tuwalya (tripes). Ribs add more flavor to any dish because of the natural seasoning that comes inside the bones itself. 

The peanut sauce is wonderful, it's not your ordinary "add-the-peanut-butter" type of cooking as according to the owners, they actually roast their peanuts and grinding them manually to achieve that nutty and sweet finish. The holy trinity of bokchoy, legumes, banana heart and eggplant is also present and they were fresh which added more texture and color to the dish. The beef ribs are amazingly tender and juicy, the way it melts in my mouth gives that feeling of euphoria on every bite.
Lechon Sisig in XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
Lechon Sisig (PHP395)
Moving to the next dish, their famous Lechon Sisig. Imagine your favorite sisig and lechon having a baby, here's your answer! My goodness, this is heaven on a plate! There are small bits of roasted pig skin giving an exciting bite on the dish while the balance ratio of pork to fat provided that savory yet juicy experience. I suggest you add hot sauce as it will level up the dish tenfold! The savory floss added on top serves as the crown to complete its glorious form.
Pakbet ng Laoag (PHP375) in XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
Pakbet ng Laoag (PHP375)
Before we go to our main event, we'll simmer down and relax with a very light-ish dish. Pakbet is one of our family staples mainly due to my dad being a kapampangan (from Tarlac) and I think that my lola's and my mom's pakbet is the best but it will be fun to try other family recipes right?

XO 46 Pakbet ng Laoag looks very straightforward if you are familiar with the dish you will know on first look that it's a pakbet from Ilocos because of the combination of vegetables. Loved the savory, rich taste of the sauce and the sweetness provided by the tomatoes. The anchovy sauce is perfectly added to the dish without overpowering the other stuff and it also gives a savory kick to the vegetables to add more excitement to them.
Crispy Pata XO Style in XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
The Holy Grail, Crispy Pata XO Style (PHP785)
The main event of the evening! XO 46 Crispy Pata XO Style, it's crunchy, savory, meaty and juicy! Albeit, it lacks tenderness the taste of the meat compensates for it. Not really quite sure what's XO-ish in the dish but one thing is for sure, if it's crispy pata, we are down for it!
XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
Chocnut, to topped-off this wonderful evening!
So we had complimentary cornick and puto, it doesn't end there though, once you are done eating you will be given a complimentary dessert which is ChocNut.
XO 46 Heritage Bistro in S Maison, Pasay City
XO 46's Heritage Bistro's Awards
The overall dining experience is fantastic, the service is exceptional and you can really feel the true Filipino hospitality. Also, the servers use pure Tagalog while conversing, words like "ginoo, binibini, senyorito, senyorita" will make you feel like a respectable human being (lol), indeed, a top-notch service! The complimentary snacks alone win our heart and the way they take a photo is funny yet very unique; "Isa, dalawa, tatlo, ngiting panalo".

Oh ho! We will definitely go back and try their other dishes, it's really awesome how they put their own XO magic on every plate and what looks like a normal Filipino dish,
  • Place 
    • It's very homey and comfortable, although some tables are close to each other, the interior design, lighting, and ambiance will compensate for it.
    • Lighting is perfect for your Instagram moment! 
  • Service 
    • Perfect, beyond perfect I must say. The servers are very well dressed in traditional Filipiniana for the ladies and Barong for the gents.
    • The way they converse in pure Tagalog is just amazing.
    • Complimentary meals, my goodness, it's outstanding!
  • Price 
    • The price is a little over the board for some dishes but they have compensated it with their portion size. The majority of the dishes are good for sharing (2-3 pax) and the quality of the food is great as well!
Let's rate them, shall we?
Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value for money: 4/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

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Location: Level 2, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Contact Number: +632 8053850

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