Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig - WTF Food Review

Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
24 hours bagnet-stacular dining!
Disclaimer: This review is sponsored by Tuki's Food Station. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own and not influenced by the restaurant, owner(s) and/or its affiliates, in any way.

Pasig has been home to countless of hole-in-a-wall businesses, whether it be start-up or old players, it has become one of the melting pot on the ever-growing food industry. One such place is Tuki's Food Station in Greenpark, Manggahan, Pasig.
It's unpretentious and very homey ambiance will make you feel comfortable yet thinking "What kind of food are they serving?" while sitting on their monobloc chairs paired with wooden tables. It greatly resembles a carinderia as the place is very basic, open-air and quite busy.
Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
9 tables - approximately 35 seaters
One busy Sunday dinner, we met owner Samantha Torres (Sam), manning both the dining area and counter along with her partner Ysmael Ylen. Tuki's Food Station will be turning 5 years old this coming December and according to Sam, they did not really expect that their business will grow from a regular home-cooked style kainan to a 24-hour-staple in neighboring villages and workplace. Also, Sam told us that the name Tuki's is actually her little brother who is indeed very special to them.
Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
They have other take-out products on their counter like a homemade Chili Garlic made by Sam's mom.
We've been back and forth in this location but we never paid any attention to Tuki's Food Station as we thought it's just a usual carinderia. It was when I've checked my Facebook recommendations and saw their official page and was surprised by their menu.
Menu of Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig - WTF Review
It's cheap, straightforward and unpretentious!
First off, the prices on their menu are ridiculous! Aside from being organized and straightforward, you won't have a hard time choosing as the names of the dishes are written as it is. Sam and the other staff will also provide recommendations and will tell you information regarding the dishes.

The food selection ranges from group meals, all-day breakfast, combo meals, sizzling plates and desserts (which is not part of their menu). Their main star, bagnet which is a deep-fried crispy pork belly dish that is similar to lechon kawali. It originated from Ilocos and is considered to be a top favorite among Filipinos.
Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Cute! I want one!
Sam provided a plethora of dishes for us to feast on and we did not expect it as well. My wife and I along with our daughter prepared ourselves for the incoming onslaught and without further waiting, food started pouring from their kitchen to our table.
Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Good for at least 4-5 persons, but hey, it's just me and my wife. (This is not my final form yet)
The first wave hit, and it hit hard! Their version of Ensalada (PHP35) is a winner, it has that piquant and bold taste which is great to start-up your palate. The salted egg added that savory needed in the roasted eggplant. Perfect match with a beer in your hand! The only problem we noticed is that the tomatoes used are not fresh and have that mushy texture to it, indicating that it was prepared way too early.
Ensalada - Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Ensalada (PHP35)
The next dish is their version of Tokwa't Bagnet (PHP50), for its price I must say the portion size is generous and can be easily enjoyed by two persons. The bagnet is not just for show as it looks to us that it has more bagnet than tokwa. The onions provided that much-needed sharpness and pungency lacking from fried tokwa with the savoriness coming from the bagnet presenting a perfect mix of ingredients in a plate. The little sauce is not overpowering and it lacks strength which is weird because similar dish from other restaurants makes their soy sauce different. Sam told us that they want the customer to adjust/concoct their own sauce to control the outcome base on their preference which I guess is a good call.
Tokwa't Bagnet in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Tokwa't Bagnet (PHP50)
Their Pancit Con Bagnet (PHP149) is a beast in size and taste. Although we know that it's "for sharing" we did not expect that it'll be this monstrous. It's smothered with an unadulterated amount of bagnet, vegetables, and squid balls. The noodles are perfectly cooked and the vegetables were just perfect as they are fresh. Albeit, I'm not a fan of pancit, this one is an exemption as I can't resist crushing that bagnet's skin and sprinkle it on top of the pancit along with calamansi. My wife who is a pancit lover just forgets the other dish and splurged on it. It's just too perfect. For the price, hell this one is a bang in the buck.
Pancit Con Bagnet in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Pancit Con Bagnet (PHP149)
The second wave hits harder than the previous one! Even if it's just adding two dishes, they pack a punch and uniqueness on their arrival.
Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
"The Second Form"
After that heavy first wave, we go to something light just to calm things down. This next dish provided use with an awed expression the moment it's on our table. Their version of Gising-gising (PHP79) wowed us because of its unique look because the gising-gising we know is ground pork and green bean spicy dish cooked in coconut milk. What they served looks to me like chop suey as it's just a mix of veggies and kikiam with a reddish and oily sauce. Anyway, we dig in and we are not surprised with the taste, it's just a spicy version of chop suey which is okay. I wish they could have added ground meat and coconut milk to give that true gising-gising vibe but with a unique twist but not going too overboard with creativity.
Gising-gising in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Gising-gising (PHP79)
Now for something heavy, their Salisbury Steak (PHP79). With the price point, we did not expect the real deal, though it looks appetizing for me it looks and somewhat tastes like a burger steak. The gravy is exceptional though, it's almost somewhat perfect but it lost the balance because it's salty, not a big deal but can be better.
Salisbury Steak in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Salisbury Steak (PHP79)
It was a tough second wave but before we know it, the third and final wave arrived. We were overwhelmed but we cheered each other up, keeping each other will burning, we move forward!
Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
This is my FINAL FORM!
It's their silogs/all-day breakfast meal that was introduced on the final wave. Starting strong is their Adsilog (PHP69) which is one of Tuki's favorite! They've used their own adobo recipe based on the exact adobo that Tuki loves. It is indeed delicious, savory, juicy, and most of all cheap. With just under PHP70, you'll get a generous cut of pork adobo and egg. Don't forget that they also have free soup on their condiment section.
Adsilog in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Adsilog (PHP69)
One of my personal favorites, Longsilog Ilocos (PHP69). Aside from Longganisang Lucban, its Ilocos counterpart is one of my go-to when it comes to longganisa. Albeit it's not as garlicky as the one from Lucban, it has this unique sharp, pungent and savory taste to it.
Longislog Ilocos in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Longsilog Ilocos (PHP69)
Ah, the ever-famous Danggitsilog (PHP69), this salted, sun-dried rabbitfish is one of our go-to snacks. Surprisingly, it's the favorite of our daughter as she always eats them as a snack. Their danggit comes from Cebu directly which is great as we want the real deal.
Danggitsilog in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Danggitsilog (PHP69)
Moving on, we get to try their Spicy Tapsilog (PHP69). Note that they are the ones who dry and cured their tapa without using any machines. The tapa must be dried because some commercially available ones are only cured. The drying process removes enough moisture from the tapa so bacteria, yeast, and molds cannot grow, it will also make the curing easy as the seasonings are quickly absorbed by the meat. It's juicy, garlicky, savory, and spicy - dip it in a spicy vinegar with chopped onions and you will experience euphoria.
Spicy Tapsilog Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Spicy Tapsilog (PHP69)
The next dish is somewhat close to the previous one, it's part of their Tuki's Big Meal wherein for a price of PHP109, you'll get two viands, fried egg, garlic rice, eggplant/onion/sweet potato sides, and salted egg. Their regular Tapa is similar to the spicy tapa earlier - the Hungarian Sausage is okay, it's smokey, peppery and a little savory, I think it'll step up another level if I have some hot sauce. It's a decent meal, nothing great (aside from the awesome tapa).
Tuki's Big Meal - Hungarian Sausage in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Tuki's Big Meal - Hungarian Sausage and Tapa (PHP109)
Their Sweet and Spicy Longganisa is just a regular longganisa that you can buy commercially, the Daing na Bangus, on the other hand, is exceptional. The sweet, citrusy and savory, the best part also is that it is boneless, the crust is crunchy while the inside is flaky, moist and tasty.
Tuki's Big Meal - Daing na Bangus and Sweet and Spicy Longganisa (PHP109) in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Tuki's Big Meal - Daing na Bangus and Sweet and Spicy Longganisa (PHP109)
Now for the pi├Ęces de r├ęsistance, their famous Bagnet (PHP150). We've been trying out dishes with bagnet in them so what's the difference now? Of course, we want to try it as it is. The physical appearance of the dish is just glorious as you will see the juices from the fat moisturizing the whole dish adding that extra level of juiciness in it. The golden crispy and flaky skin are very inviting, albeit it's pork belly, the fat ratio is minimal.

The combination of onion, tomato and a slice of bagnet dipped in bagoong is just too much. The sultry and succulent combination of condiments makes this dish toothsome. For PHP150, you'll get 1/4 kg which is not bad, they also have 1/2 kg (PHP300) and a kilo (PHP600) my god. 
Bagnet in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Bagnet (PHP150)
With all that goodness done, we are moving to their dessert which is consigned by Sam's aunt, Their Ube Halaya (PHP110) and Leche Flan (PHP110). My standards when it comes to both desserts are high mainly because I came from a family in Rizal who makes ube halaya traditionally and I've tasted wonderful leche flan from different restaurants.

The Ube Halaya looks promising as it will be served in full-sized llanera. The only thing missing is margarine! It will make a difference as it will counteract the sweetness of the ube. The texture is very creamy, the same as what we did back in Rizal. Not only it's creamy, but it also has this bold and sweet taste in it. Albeit there are still bits of purple yam left the consistency is awesome.
Ube Halaya in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Ube Halaya (PHP110)
Lastly, their Leche Flan. Outside, it looks meh and we are expecting a bubbly and jell-o-ish consistency because of the presence of bubble marks in its side. Man, I was so wrong, after getting a spoon full, I saw the rich consistency of the flan. It's very creamy, to the point that it melts in your mouth. It somehow reminds me of Conti's Leche Flan due to its sweetness and creaminess.
Leche Flan in Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Leche Flan (PHP110)
It's been a wonderful evening indeed, the hospitality of Tuki's Food Station really stands up. With the whole duration of our stay, we've seen a rush of hungry diners and we see how Sam's team handled the dinner rush very well.

Sam's vision is to see their restaurant grow and probably add a cafe vibe on it which is possible since they have an open-air ambiance, that kind of theme would be great. They have been staying in the norm and they need to have their own thing, yes the bagnet is great and I agree that it should be their signature dish but it will be greater if they establish something that will make them stand up from the rest. They also need to amp up some of their dishes and maybe add more chicken dishes on their menu by eliminating some? That cafe vision of Sam is very bold and we are excited about their future, and hell yes we are also excited to go back here with my family and friends.

We would like to thank Sam and her team for having us! We will definitely be back as soon as possible. We'd love to see some changes on their menu and hey, we'll wait for that cafe Sam.

This kind of restaurant is what makes the food industry exciting and awesome, go out, explore and find a gem like Tuki's Food Station and you will crave for more.
The owner of Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
Team WTF with partners Samantha Torres and Ysmael Ylen.
  • Place 
    • The place is quaint, homey, spacious and open.
    • Sam also told us that they do monthly pest control which is great since they are an open restaurant, it will minimize mosquitoes, flies and other creepy crawlies.
    • Parking may be troublesome if the restaurant is packed.
  • Service 
    • It's outstanding despite the fact that there are just two people who man the front-of-the-house. Grace under-pressure, agree?
    • Some menu items can be omitted and should be replaced by non-dry meals such as sinigang, tinolang manok or even stews. 
  • Price 
    • The price is what set Tuki's Food Station different from other hole-in-a-wall destination. From the cheap price, you'll get a generous portion plus high-quality ingredients and service.
Let's rate them, shall we?
Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.75/5

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Tuki's Food Station in Manggahan, Pasig
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Location: 105 Honorable Soliven St. , GreenPark Village, Manggahan, Pasig City
Operating Hours: 24-hours
Contact Number: +632 9562462

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