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The famous gyro and chicken of The Halal Guys
The famous gyro and chicken of The Halal Guys
I remember back then when The Halal Guys are at the peak of their hype which lasted for a couple of months. As a regular at Eastwood City, we haven't really paid any attention to this restaurant. The team has decided to give it a try despite being clueless about what they really offer (most of the team are really not familiar with halal cooking).

Obviously, with its name, their main theme is halal cooking - Halal cooking is cooking without the use of haram, or impermissible, ingredients according to Islamic dietary guidelines. That means abstaining from the use of alcohol and pork or from things that contain the by-products of those.

I did some research regarding their best-sellers, educated my team and voila, I've ordered the regular Chicken & Gyro combo platter (PHP299), my wife got the small Gyro combo platter (PHP229) and my brother got the same Chicken & Gyro combo platter without the sauce (PHP299), they also have a Falafel Combo Platter (PHP299). Heads-up, it's a fast-food style so you need to order on the counter directly.

The Halal Guys is located on the 4th floor of Eastwood Mall, the interior is very simple which reminds me of a simplified version of fast-food dining.

The food arrived promptly and we started eating. We are surprised, like totally surprised on how big the "regular" size is. The server laughed and told us that their regular size is good for 2 people.
The Halal Guys - Regular Chicken & Gyro Combo Platter (PHP299)
Regular Chicken & Gyro Combo Platter (PHP299)
Underneath the meats and veggies, you'll be surprised by how much rice it has, this my friend, is the Regular Chicken & Gyro Combo Platter. The white sauce is tangy yet subtle, it adds essence to the chicken and gyro while adding texture to the overall meal. I just can't believe that this platter serves two. I had a very hard time finishing it and ended up bagging up the remains. It was delicious, it's just that we were really caught off guard with the size of servings we each have.

My brother had the same thing, he struggled and gave up. We saw a video playing on one of the television inside which runs commercial about The Halal Guys and we saw a part where 3 people are sharing on a regular platter, crazy right?
It's the same chicken and gyro combo but without the white sauce, don't be fooled though
It's the same chicken and gyro combo but without the white sauce, don't be fooled though
My wife on the other hand, albeit struggling a bit, she was able to finish off her small gyro platter. It was not a bad experience at all, we're just too oblivious and did not bother to ask about the serving size which is really a mistake on our part.
The Halal Guys - small Gyro combo platter (PHP229)
Small Gyro Combo Platter (PHP229)
We ended up taking at least some leftovers for us to munch later on that day. It was a funny yet satisfying experience knowing that for PHP299 you can feed two people. Not bad The Halal Guys, not bad. We are definitely going back to The Halal Guys on Eastwood Mall and try out their other menu items.
  • Place 
    • The place is very simple, well air-conditioned and well lighted.
    • Easy access since it's inside Eastwood Mall.
    • If I remember it right, they don't have their own restroom.
    • The tables and chairs can get uncomfortable.
  • Service 
    • The servers are really kind, polite and cheerful.
    • The food arrived promptly and we can get extra refills for our sauces.
  • Price
    • The food is really good, the serving size is great as for the price of PHP299 (approximately PHP150 for two people), you'll get to enjoy a generous serving of rice, veggies, and meats. Really affordable!
Let's rate them, shall we?
Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.75/5

What does Zomato say?
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Location: 4th Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City, Philippines (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Contact Number: +632 3515951

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