Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Food Review

Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
Is it really masarap or is this one hell of a trap? Let's find out!
Apparently, a new samgyeopsal restaurant has opened a couple of months ago in SM Marikina and since I'm not a big fan of samgyeopsal I was not really interested until my wife craves for it and as a loving husband, I want to make sure her cravings are satisfied.

Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
You're right King Theoden!
Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina is one of their new branches, they have one in SM BF homes and in Greenhills, San Juan. Since the KPOP craze does not show any sign of dying, we will be expecting more branches and new players in the near future as the hype is still going strong (sighs).

Being the nearest one, we've decided to check the restaurant (as we don't want to visit KorBBQ because of our previous experience, read it here) - located on the 4th floor of SM Marikina, it's surprisingly spacious - the contemporary design is clean and the facade looks enticing. The tables are well spaced between each other and each table has its own vents.
Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
Samgyeopmasarap's Menu
We were immediately seated, but it was a busy night so we got lucky there for a second. Since Chloe is just 4 years old, she can eat for free, but if she turns 5 she needs to pay half the price which is absurd - think about it, you will either order their a la carte which is not kid-friendly OR pays half of the price so that you can share with your kid, a big NO NO.
Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
Your set of battle gear!
Anyway, my wife took their Pork BBQ (PHP399) while I got the Beef BBQ (PHP499), take note - vat not yet included which is funny and just downright weird. Moving on, they've immediately filled the table with plates of meats and side dishes. I've tried asking the server questions regarding the side dishes and shockingly, he can't provide the names of all the side dishes.

Disappointment after disappointment, we've just decided to shut up and dig in. We started grilling and munching everything while trying out their different side dishes.
Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
Looks to me like it's Algamja-Jorim and Eomuk Bokkeum or fish cakes
Okay, they have 6 refillable side dishes namely: algamja-jorimeomuk bokkeum, kimchimusaengchaemyulchi bokkeum, and rice, which is not bad considering that you need to pay for rice in another Korean restaurant.

The algamja-jorim (braised baby potato) is okay, it's cooked perfectly and the sauce is savory. Eomuk bokkeum or Korean fish cake, on the other hand, is the weakest of them all, I'm saying this because I am not a fan of the taste (similar to fishball) - my wife liked it though.
myulchi bokkeum and eomuk bokkeum in Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
Myulchi Bokkeum and Eomuk Bokkeum
I'm no Korean food expert, though I think I know a thing or two, this server who works in a Korean restaurant can't even tell me the name of this dish which is for me looks like myulchi bokkeum or stir-fried anchovies I guess - the taste is okay and it's similar to its Filipino counterpart which is the dried dilis.
Yangpa Jangajji and Musaengchae  in Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
Yangpa Jangajji and Musaengchae 
This one is a winner, albeit I'm not sure if Yangpa Jangajji (pickled onion) is part of the side dish (not the rice). Both Yangpa Jangajji and Musaengchae (sweet and sour radish salad) paired perfectly with my wrap. The musaengchae is tangy yet subtle in flavor which adds another flavor to your wrap whether it be pork or beef, marinated or not, it's a perfect match. Their kimchi is okay, nothing special.
Salt & Pepper Beef in Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
Salt & Pepper Beef Strips
Marinated Beef Strips in Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
Marinated Beef Strips
Now for the main event! For every type of meat, they have 2 variants which are salt & pepper and marinated. I guess the marinade is the same for both types of meat (pork and beef), it has that distinct sweet and savory flavor to it much like a Japanese Yakiniku, it goes well with the lettuce and ssamjang (which is a paste that you put on your ssam which is your wrap). The ssamjang is addicting though, it has that spicy kick on it, but not too much, just enough to compliment the freshness of the lettuce and the juiciness of the meat. The salt & pepper variants for both are very straightforward though I'd like to commend the cut for the pork as it's juicy and you can grill it to the point that it can be crispy.
Salt & Pepper Pork Strips in Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
Salt & Pepper Pork Strips
Marinated Pork Strips in Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
Marinated Pork Strips
For the uninitiated, the best and right way to eat in this style of restaurant is to do your ssam properly, you'll get that umay factor if you just eat the meat. Dine like a Korean and get lettuce, place it on your palm, add your meat and ssamjang, you can also throw in some kimchi or other sides, be creative!
Samgyeopmasarap in SM Marikina - WTF Review
My amazing flatlay shot! Sorry, not sorry lol!
WeTravelFearlessly in Samgyeopmasarap, SM Marikina
I guess our dining experience is okay, albeit we had some setbacks when it comes to the service, the price is decent and the food is okay. Should we go back? Maybe, if my wife craves for it, but if there are other cheaper alternatives or the same restaurant with a more dish variety and child-friendly, Samgyeopmasarap will be out of our list. I think it works for first-timers just to introduce them to Samgyeopsal but that's it.
  • Food
    • Ingredient quality is so-so but the pork strips are great. The salt & pepper variants of both beef and pork are delicious.
    • The side dish selection is okay, could be better though.
    • There is no combined meat bundle so if you want to try out both beef and pork there should be 2 paying diners.
    • The a la carte items are not kid-friendly.
  • Place 
    • The place is spacious and they effortlessly look grandiose mainly because of the contemporary look.
    • They have great ventilation, but we all know that if it's an open grill you will still smell like food regardless of how much ventilation you put.
    • I just don't like the way the staff having their meeting on the corner table because their boss (I guess) is handling down their salary - it's a busy dinner service yet the crew is also busy lining up and chit-chatting in one table in the dining area for their salary. They can at least have a proper manner or protocol right?
    • The restroom is worst, they don't have a separate restroom for male and female. You're better off going to SM Cinema's restroom.
  • Service 
    • The staff lacks knowledge about the food to the point that they don't know the name of the side dish, like for example I asked the server and pointed the baby potato side dish, he just said "A sir, baby potato po siya na may sauce" ("Sir, it's a baby potato with sauce"). Like, no sh** Sherlock?
    • They are not attentive, maybe because they are too excited to get their salary?
    • You need to ask for water and tissue refill, there's no sense of table responsibility and it felt like they just want you to get over with your food.
  • Price 
    • Price is okay, again I've seen worse. If I'm a first-timer, I'll give it a go but to go back? Maybe I'll pass.
    • Kids who are 5 years old need to pay half in a restaurant that offers a non-kid friendly a la carte, let that sink in.
Let's rate them, shall we?
Food: 3/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 2/5
Value for money: 3/5
OVERALL: 2.75/5

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Location3rd floor, SM City Marikina, Marcos Highway, Calumpang, Marikina City, Philippines
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Contact Number: +63 9087978868

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  1. So-so... if you want decent samgyupsal experience do not go to those who offer it as buffet...quality > quantity. Nice read!