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Maldita Fiery Foods - Spicy yet delicious? Impossible? Read on!
Spicy yet delicious? Impossible? Read on!
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Hot sauce has been one of our go-to condiment if we want to up the ante for some dish. It's really hard to find a great hot sauce since you can't have that blazing hot kick and delicious, savory flavor in one, it is just not possible.

Maldita Fiery Foods - The packaging looks quaint but oozing with sleekness
The packaging looks quaint but oozing with sleekness.
Whilst reviewing Cucina di Francesco in Libis, Quezon City I've stumbled upon this set of hot sauce that was proudly presented to us by the owner. It got my attention and I immediately grab the bottles of hot sauce and tried them one by one and I was amazed by how amazing the flavors are. So for my hot sauce quest, I've contacted Maldita Fiery Foods' Facebook page and spoke to the owner Mell Javier Fernandez who immediately entertain all of my questions regarding the flavor profiles of their hot sauce.
Maldita Fiery Foods - Hot sauce and crispy fried chicken? Take me to heaven man!
Hot sauce and crispy fried chicken? Take me to heaven man!
Ms. Fernandez sent me a sampler of their gift set for me to review and I was ecstatic to try it. As a hot sauce lover, the only way to review these babies is to make something that will go along with it and so fried chicken it is (lol).
Maldita Fiery Foods' Hijo de Fruita
Maldita Fiery Foods' Hijo de Fruita

First is Hijo de Fruita and visually, it looks weird and mysterious as the name implies, this should be fruity. This yellow-boi surprised the hell out of me, the sweet and fruity sensation tingles my palates while the bold sting of the yellow habanero ignited my tongue giving me that painful yet delicious experience. 
Maldita Fiery Foods - My exact reaction to Hijo de Fruita! Nice on Harry!
My exact reaction to Hijo de Fruita! Nice on Harry!
The owner mentioned that making this hot sauce is not easy - the fruity flavor came from grilled pineapple and mango which is obvious once you get to taste it while the yellow habanero keeps the hotness just to amplify the sweetness of the fruit. Perfect pair for salty dishes as the sweetness will balance the dish. If you want something that is full of flavor but has that mild kick to it? Try this!
Maldita Fiery Foods - Devilicious Crunchy Chili Garlic
Maldita Fiery Foods' Devilicious Crunchy Chili Garlic
Devilicious Crunchy Chili Garlic - now that's a mouthful. This one is legit, the favorite of Mrs. WTF. It may look like simple chili garlic but don't let the packaging fool you. They've added a unique ingredient to it which caught our attention - krill and ginger. Don't expect to see actual ginger though, they've grated it to very thin strands deep-fried together with their garlic adding that hot, zesty and pungent flavor to it. The krill provided the savory flavor and albeit it looks intimidating at first due to chili seeds floating around, it's not that spicy and you can enjoy it as much as you like. Great for siomai and any dish that I can use soy sauce as a condiment.
Maldita Fiery Foods - Carino Brutal
Maldita Fiery Foods' Carino Brutal
Carino Brutal - their spiciest hot sauce I believe. The devil red color glimmering with dark spots will immediately make your scalp sweat just by looking at it. A piece of crunchy chicken skin and a dip-full of Carino Brutal hot sauce feels like a glimpse of heaven in hell. It's made with black cherries, apple and liqueurs along with the hottest varieties of chili's, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga scorpions, and 7-pots, now you are talking about the worlds hottest peppers!
When I thought everything is over.
Different flavors just bounce around your mouth as the burning sensation ignited the palates amplifying the flavors of the food I was eating and when you thought everything is over? Be ready to be bombarded by a sweet, sugary, nutty aftertaste. Perfect for just anything fried or bar chows!
Maldita Fiery Foods - Peaches & Scream
Maldita Fiery Foods' Peaches & Scream
Peaches & Scream - I love the name as it gives you a hint on what's about to happen. Visually appealing, Peaches & Scream is all about allure and strength. The moment I dipped the salty crispy skin of the fried chicken, the bomb just goes off. You can feel your tongue being a warzone with the tanginess and sweetness of the peach battling against the forces of hotness and acidity of the apple cider vinegar, spices and chilis resulting in a perfect blend of hotness and flavor. No wonder it won the hot sauce competition in Chili Growers Philippines last September of 2017.

All in all, their hot sauce line up is great. Flavors are not muted hence it is increased more by the spiciness. Kudos to the Maldita Fiery Foods team! Hot sauce lovers, you won't regret having these babies. Buy them here!

Hijo de Fruita
Flavor: ★★★★★
Hotness: ★★★

Devilicious Crunchy Chili Garlic
Flavor: ★★★★★
Hotness: ★★★

Carino Brutal
Flavor: ★★★★
Hotness: ★★★★★

Peaches & Scream
Flavor: ★★★★★
Hotness: ★★★★
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