Mango Tree in Bonifacio High Street, BGC - WTF Food Review

Authentic Thai food in our doorstep? No way!
Thai cuisine has been one of my kryptonite as it is an uncharted course for my food journey mainly because I haven't found any good Thai joints around Pasig or I am just too lazy to try it.

It was a Sunday evening when my brother invited us to Bonifacio High Street for dinner and since I was the "foodie" brother, I am the one in-charge on finding a place to eat and since I've been eyeing Mango Tree in Bonifacio High Street for a while now, we've decided to go there and good thing my brother and his wife agrees with me.
Interior c/o Mango Tree Manila
The interior looks lavish and upscale with the lighting set up the mood followed by the dark accent provided by the tables and chairs giving that warm and cozy vibe creating a perfect ambiance, add the high ceiling which makes the whole establishment very spacious.

For the uninitiated, their menu is very straightforward and some of the items have a description for you to at least get a glimpse of what you will expect. The prices are somewhat high since the place is considered fine dining. We ordered: Tod Mun Goong (PHP420)Steamed Pork Kurobuta Thai Style (PHP580)See Krong Moo Yang (PHP580)Gai Yang (PHP680), Pla Meuk Yang (PHP580), Deep Fried Isan Chicken (PHP680)Phad See Iw with Prawns (PHP480) and Mee Khorat Poo (PHP580).
Tod Mun Goong (PHP420)
The dishes arrived on time starting with Tod Mun Goong (PHP420) or Shrimp Cakes. The cake is served with a plum sauce that pairs perfectly with the savory shrimp cake, the light tartness and sweetness of the plum sauce added more flavor to the cakes. Too bad there are only 5 pieces!
Steamed Pork Kurobuta Thai Style (PHP580)
At first, I was a little bit conspicuous about this dish, Steamed Pork Kurobuta Thai Style (PHP580). As the name of the dish states, kurobuta or black hog is a breed of pig that is mainly used in high-end restaurants. Their fat is very tasty and since this type of pig has a slightly higher pH than regular ones, it makes the meat much firmer and more flavorful. Thinking that this is just a rip-off and not a real kurobuta pig, I just took a small piece and to my surprise, the meat is very tender, seasoned very well and the fat just heightened my palate more that it makes the other ingredients of the dish stands-out as well.
See Krong Moo Yang (PHP580)
See Krong Moo Yang (PHP580) or Thai Isan Spareribs is one of my favorite. It's a honey sparerib cooked Isan style. Isan is a region in Thailand wherein the use of rice and chili is prominent so expect that dishes coming from this region have a hot kick to it. It comes with jim jaew sauce which is their steak sauce made from dried chili powder and toasted rice powder topped with different herb and spices. The ribs are very tender and tasty I must say - the spiciness is just enough to heighten up your taste buds for more flavor experience especially when dipped in jim jaew.
Gai Yang (PHP680)
Gai Yang (PHP680) or Isan Grilled Chicken - the origin and cooking style is the same as See Krong Moo Yang. The thing I've noticed is that the jim jaew is very addicting and can be used as condiments as it does not overpower the flavors of the dishes but improves it. The Isan Grilled Chicken has that addicting exterior taste yet a juicy and herby meat flavor to it.
Pla Meuk Yang (PHP580)
Pla Meuk Yang (PHP580) or Grilled Squid - it has a mild, slightly sweet, almost nutty/roasted flavor. Perfectly cooked as it is not tough or sort of rubbery. Eat it together with lime and lemongrass on the side, don't forget to dip it in the seafood sauce.
Deep Fried Isan Chicken (PHP680)
Deep Fried Isan Chicken (PHP680) - visually, it looks appetizing but I was a bit disappointed with the price and size of the dish. The chicken is deep fried Isan-style which means herbs and spices were rub on the skin instead of making a batter to coat the chicken. The flavor is not just emphasized in the exterior of the chicken but also down to its bones.
Phad See Iw with Prawns (PHP480)
Phad See Iw with Prawns (PHP480) - while Phad Thai is sweeter and nuttier, The Phad See Ew is savory, with a hint of sourness and a charred flavor to it. Phad See Iw translates to stir-fried soy sauce noodles. For Phad See Iw you need to get the sauce right because if you fail on creating a good sauce, you'll fail the dish all in all. 
Mee Khorat Poo (PHP580)
Mee Khorat Poo (PHP580) or Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Crab Meat - This one is "da-bomb"! It's from their Adventurist category and now I know why. It's spicy as hell but it was delicious enough to make me come back for more. It's savory, spicy and sweet, thanks to the generous serving of crab meat on top. As a spicy food lover, it's very hard to balance good flavor in a spicy dish but this one is different.

Overall, it was a great experience - the food was indeed high quality and although the prices are too steep, the flavor and the experience makes it worth every buck. Are we going to come back? Probably, besides, it's a good place to take your wife, girlfriend or friend (?) for a date.
  • Food
    • The dishes were fantastic and the way they cook/prepare them is top-notch.
    • High-quality ingredients were used and they are meticulous especially on their sauces.
  • Place 
    • The place is just amazingly lush and upscale. It will make you feel that you're royalty. The ambiance is just romantic, luscious and intimate.
    • The high ceiling just made the place very spacious.
    • The restrooms are very clean and tidy.
  • Service 
    • You won't have a hard time finding a waiter as you can see them all basically in the dining area.
    • The staff are very attentive, clean and are willing to help you out on the menu.
  • Price 
    • The place is located in Bonifacio High Street which is a prime location and expects that the menu item prices are steep but don't worry as the dishes are exceptional.
Let's rate them, shall we?
Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5

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LocationC3, Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Contact Number: +6326213233 / +639175349145

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