Bistro Charlemagne in Ayala Feliz - WTF Food Review

Foods served with love and pride? Let's go for a ride!
Disclaimer: This review is sponsored by Bistro Charlemagne. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own and not influenced by the restaurant, owner(s) and/or its affiliates, in any way.

After being inactive in food blogging for almost two months we are back with yet another restaurant review! We apologize for not able to bring out content but let's put that aside because this year we will make sure that we'll be more active!

A good comeback deserves a great restaurant where the combination of passion, love for the ingredient, eye for details and pride in their work resulted in fantastic dishes.

With their success in their Bistro Charlemagne Nuvali branch in Sta. Rosa, Laguna - Charlemagne Lim knows that the whole metro needs to try out their famous Asian-fusion dishes. He opened Bistro Charlemagne in Ayala Feliz last 2018 giving the hungry diners of the metro something different to try on.
Romantic, upscale and regal - perfect for dates or just a dinner with your family.
Located on the very top of Ayala Feliz - it is nicely situated in their garden area where you will get a great view of the nearby mountains in Antipolo. The restaurant looks upscale outside and extravagant inside. The color combination of wooden table and regal red chairs provided that high-end expectation the moment you step foot inside.

Albeit the wall has zero design at all, Mr. Lim said that they are planning to put on murals or picture frames showcasing their legacy which I think is perfect for their theme.
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I was lucky to meet Charlemagne - a ginormous, buff and tall dude that ooze sex appeal #nohomo who is very kind, approachable and full of enthusiasm when it comes to his business. I'm with my brother U2 as a guest critic and my daughter - as usual to give her unadulterated 5 y/o judgment.
Pumpkin and Carrot Soup (PHP185)
To be frank, we were just expecting a simple Pumpkin and Carrot Soup (PHP185) - it looks fancy with the yogurt art on top, it's piping hot and it looks okay, that's when we took our first sip. The creamy sweetness of the pumpkin neutralized the pungency of the carrot.
Glorious soup face - activated!
The yogurt art is not just for show, once you mix it with the soup it will just bring out a new level of flavor to it, enhancing it by ten-folds by giving it that tangy kick to it. To my surprise, my daughter who does not like pumpkin soup finishes her bowl and gave it a thumbs up, how about that! Just amazing!
Bistro Sisig Fries (PHP295)
As a beer chugger, I am a big fan of sisig and I was delighted when Charlemagne told us that he will let us taste their revamped Bistro Sisig Fries (PHP295). My daughter is a big-time fries lover and with both of our favorites in just one plate, it is straight-up heaven-sent.
Bistro Sisig Fries (PHP295)
The fries are cooked perfectly to the crisp and are well seasoned, the sisig, on the other hand, is far different from the other sisig we had before as it has a perfect ratio of meat and crunchy goodness with a little fat to give it that porky flavor. Try combining the sisig and the fries for an otherworldly flavor!
Shrimp Poppers (PHP415)
Salad? Entree? Why not both! Their Shrimp Poppers (PHP415) is an all-star meal. It's definitely one of U2's favorite and he can't stop raving it. The salad is fresh and perfectly dressed with balsamic vinegar giving it a vibrant and tangy texture to it. The coated shrimp is just full of surprises - it may look small but it does pack a heavy punch flavor-wise. Want to step up the game? Take a shrimp, wrap it with the greens and you got yourself a present.
Beef Tenderloin Rolls with Cheese (PHP395)
Beef Tenderloin Rolls with Cheese (PHP395) - this dish caught me off my surprise. I thought it was pretentious at first but when I took that first bite. The melted cheddar just melt around my mouth, along with their home-made teriyaki sauce infusing the tenderloin strips with savory flavor, my palate was bombarded with succulent goodness. PRO TIP: EAT IT WHILE IT'S HOT!
Little Asia's Crispy Chicken (PHP325)
Get ready boys as we take down one of their signature dishes, Charlemagne's pièce de résistance, Little Asia's Crispy Chicken (PHP325). The owner gave us a little history lesson about this particular dish that originated from his grandfather from the 1950s, imagine that!
Little Asia's Crispy Chicken (PHP325)
Visually - it is gorgeous, as the skin is just shouting crispiness all over. Once in your lifetime you will encounter a fried chicken so beautiful that you will just taste the juiciness and crispiness without actually tasting it, this is "that" chicken. The gravy is made from the juices of the chicken which added more flavor to it all-in-all. The skin crackles in every pinch, while the meat is so juicy that you just can't help but eat more. A 70 years-old legacy in a plate - we are truly honored.
Literally how my daughter looks while eating their chicken
A wonderful comeback experience indeed - Bistro Charlemagne is now part of our favorite restaurant. The place is just oozing with personality and a big part of that came from the owner himself, Mr. Charlemagne Lim. I was enthralled on how he gave us a little bit of back story in every dish which makes the dining experience more personalized. You can just sense the passion in him which is very contagious - so contagious that it rekindled my passion to pursue my very own food business.
  • Food
    • The high-quality ingredients and the careful preparation plus the supervision provided by the owner's quality control makes excellent food.
  • Place 
    • The upscale vibe which is good for a romantic date, family dinner or friendly get-together.
    • They have their own common restroom.
    • Outside seating is well shaded and very intimate at night time.
    • The place is well air-conditioned.
  • Service 
    • The staffs are very attentive, proactive, well-groomed, cheerful and courteous.
  • Price 
    • For the quality of the service and food plus the serving size? I think it's worth it.
Let's rate them, shall we?
Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5

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LocationFifth Floor, Ayala Malls Feliz, Dela Paz, Pasig City, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Contact Number: +6327299496

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