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Kam's Roast in SM Megamall
Roasted duck, WTF's favorite culinary creation!
If we were to choose, fried chicken, litson, liempo or roasted duck? It's hands down, "finish na", roasted duck! It's the WTF family table favorite! Seriously!

The last time we've reviewed a restaurant with a roasted duck on their menu item was way back 2017 I think, it was President Grand Palace in Binondo and we are dying to devour another one. Thanks to a busy family day in SM Megamall, we've decided to find a restaurant for our early dinner. We've been seeing Kam's Roast way back but the queue is always long but since we'll have our early dinner, there were no lines and we get a comfy seat immediately.
Kam's Roast in SM Megamall
Kam's Roast in SM Megamall
Being one of the few Michelin starred restaurants in the Philippines, it was hyped up for those foodies who want to try this famous restaurant and hey, count us in as well! It's not very often that we can find such an acclaimed restaurant around, yes?

Just before we enter, we were mesmerized by the display of roasted perfection in the showroom window. It's very appetizing and it adds another level of excitement to our growling stomach!
Beautiful display of roasted produce just in front of the restaurant, luring you inside.
A beautiful display of roasted produce just in front of the restaurant, luring you inside.
The seating area is big, spacious and has an upscale vibe on it due to the marble tiles and Dallas chandeliers. They also have a spacious function room hidden behind a divider on the back section of the restaurant. The servers are dressed neatly and very accommodating.
Kam's Roast in SM Megamall
Kam's Roast menu - Hongkong's famous Michelin starred roast!
Their menu is not overwhelming and straightforward though it will be better if it has more information on it. Although, it's a bit disappointing since their menu is far different from their HK counterpart mainly because of the goose. Since importing of goose is not allowed due to health reasons, I just can't wait to try their authentic goose dishes!

We've ordered a very straightforward meal, we are here to splurge! I got myself Roast Duck Rice (PHP320), wifey got Roast Duck Rice Combo (PHP390) and Jellyfish with Sesame oil (PHP350).
Kam's Roast in SM Megamall
Kam's Roast in SM Megamall
Such a restaurant that has an open glass window with hanging roasted goods is often found in the Manila area (i.e Binondo) and hasn't seen one inside the mall but Kam's Roast stepped-up and changed the game. We are really glad that this place is just near our house and very accessible when we crave for something unique. Unlike before when we need to travel all the way to Binondo just to experience authentic roasted duck.
Kam's Roast in Megamall - Jellyfish with Sesame oil (PHP350)
Jellyfish with Sesame oil (PHP350)
I've never tried any dish with jellyfish on it, this is something exciting and new for me and my wife. The Jellyfish with Sesame oil (PHP350) looks weird and not enticing if you aren't familiar with it but I man up and took the first bite, besides, what's more fun than trying out foods you've never tasted before eh? #WeEatFearlessly Maybe you'll ask; "Where the hell is the jellyfish?" "Is that the tentacles?" "What part of jellyfish is that?" - the way they do their jellyfish is that they remove the tentacles and the membranes leaving only the gooey part which is the body, cut it to strips like pasta, brine then dried.

I've never expected the taste though, on my first bite it a bit gelatinous, sweet but tangy and the sesame oil I guess provided the pungent after-taste, it's much like chewing an oversize bihon for its consistency. I requested soy sauce with chili garlic on it and I ended up finishing the whole plate. The sesame oil provided a distinct earthy/leafy undertone, it seems that they did not use toasted sesame seeds to prevent extra bitterness to the dish which is a very smart move.
Kam's Roast - Roast Duck Rice (PHP320)
Roast Duck Rice (PHP320)
Now for the main event, the Roast Duck Rice (PHP320). The size is at least a quarter if I'm not mistaken. It's not your typical roasted duck you find on the streets of Binondo or Hongkong. At first glance, it looks okay and nothing special but when you dig in, that's where the magic begins. Compared to traditional roasted duck where the skin is crispy and fatty AF, Kam's Roasted duck is different. The skin may not be crispy and crunchy but it's very flavorful and succulent, the meat has less fat and it's very tender. Although it may look a little bit dry, it's not as the juices will flow after you take every bite and be sure to drizzle the plum sauce included with the dish for a sweet contrast to counteract the salty taste of the duck. Don't forget to eat that yummy bokchoy as it refreshed your palate while devouring the duck.
Kam's Roast - Roast Duck Rice Combo (PHP390)
Roast Duck Rice Combo (PHP390)
Now this one hits the spot! Two roasted meat on one dish? Why the hell not! The Roast Duck Rice Combo (PHP390) will give you roasted duck plus three meat selection; BBQ Pork, Soya Chicken and Crispy Pork. My wife goes full cholesterol and chooses crispy pork along with the roasted duck, now that's what's up!

I won't cover the roasted duck on this dish because I've already summed it up previously and we'll focus on the crispy pork on this one. I must say, thinking that it's a combo meal we are expecting a much sized down portions but hey, all we got is a generous serving for both pork and duck which is awesome. Pork looks appetizing and you will easily see that it is not overpowered by fats, you'll have a crispy outer skin, a thin layer of fat just to give it a little juice and tender meat. The fats counterbalance the richness of the skin and the meat giving the overall experience a great overhaul as it will provide the moisture your mouth needed as the fat juices overflow every each bite.
Kam's Roast, SM Megamall
Team WeTravelFearlessly in Kam's Roast, SM Megamall
It was a pleasing and satisfying achievement because our long-time craving ended! The staffs are very approachable and they will attend to your every need. The ambiance is very upscale, easy on the eye and comfortable. We'll definitely come back to try their whole duck which costs more than PHP2,000 I think! You better stay tuned! Kam's Roast, come on hook us with some goodies!
    • Place 
      • Stay away from your usual dining routine and experience something upscale without actually spending too much. The place is cozy, VERY well ventilated, comfortable and the overall look of the place is just wonderful.
      • More space I guess or at least open the private room on rush hours if not used? It's good that there are lines of people outside very eager to dine but if you think you can do something about it, that will be perfect.
    • Service 
      • Service is topnotch, waiters/servers look neat and act very professional. They will give you a fine-dining vibe as they are very prompt and courteous. They've assisted us all throughout and provide all the attention we needed.
    • Price 
      • For me, it's a win, although I know some would raise their brows. Think about the quality of the food and the unexpected portion size of their combo meal. Not to mention the quality service and ambiance, I guess it's still a win-win thing.
    Let's rate them, shall we?
    Food: 4.5/5
    Ambiance: 4.5/5
    Service: 5/5
    Value for money: 4/5
    OVERALL: 4.5/5

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    Location: 3rd floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City Philippines
    Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
    Contact Number: +632 9405987

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