About Us

The WeTravelFearlessly Family!
"We travel fearlessly", my wife and I believed in this line ever since we've been together, doesn't matter if it's abroad, local or just somewhere near, we always make sure to get the most out of our time together. Now, having our own family, we are ready to conquer the world when it comes to traveling.
The WeTravelFearlessly (WTF) team
The WeTravelFearlessly (WTF) team
Daddy - who mainly plans the travel, create itineraries, find the latest where to's and what to's. The brawn of the team.

Mommy - the thumbnail hottie and the queen. Here to guide daddy and make sure to that his plan will go well. Basically the brain of the operation.

Chloe - the thumbnail cutie and our princess. The apple of the whole family! Ready to conquer the fashion, television and online industry!

WeTravelFearlessly (WTF) - is created for us to share our travels, provide tips and guides which focuses heavily on traveling with your family. Of course, we often see travel guides but they are mostly leaning towards solo backpacking or group travels. Here, we will change the mindset that "Hey, it's very hard to travel especially if you have a 4-year-old kid, unlike before.". Trust me, traveling with your family is the best travel experience.