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Pojo's Chicks N' Chips - WTF On The GoDisclaimer: This review is sponsored by Pojo's Chicks N' Chips. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own and not influenced by the business, owner(s), and/or its affiliates, in any way. 

It's been a while since the last time we've made an entry on our blog. This COVID-19 pandemic surely took a toll on our lives and presented us with a new normal wherein cashless transaction is safe, social distancing isn't awkward and food delivery became a new meta.

Speaking of delivery - our friends from Pojo's Chicks N' Chips have sent us their wings for us to try and man it was a journey.
Pojo's Chicks N' Chips is owned by Gio, James, and Trevor. The trio started the business last September 2020. They are currently focused on online transactions and delivery.

Their price ranges from 6 wings and a dip for PHP150 up to their party bundle of 48 wings with 10 dips for PHP950.
Pojo's Chicks N' Chips - WTF On The Go
Top to bottom, left to right: Salted Egg, Garlic Parmesan, Buttered, Classic, Nashville, Buffalo
They've sent us: Garlic Parmesan, Classic, Buffalo, Nashville, Buttered, and Salted Egg along with their signature dips: cheese, garlic mayo, spicy garlic mayo, sour cream, and gravy.
Pojo's Chicks N' Chips - WTF On The Go
Garlic Parmesan
Let's start with their garlic parmesan - let's go straight to the point and say that this is one of the best garlic parmesan flavored wings we've ever tasted. They used both shredded and powdered parmesan generously. Mrs. WTF surely loved it as I've watched her devoured all.
Pojo's Chicks N' Chips - WTF On The Go
The original caught my attention - I thought to myself, why put a basic wing on the menu whilst you have a couple of other flavors? Then it hit me when I tried dipping it on their different dips. It incites playfulness on flavors because the customer can mix and match the flavor to their liking. Personally, my perfect flavor spot is cheese and gravy, you can't go wrong with the classic!
Pojo's Chicks N' Chips - WTF On The Go
Buffalo Style
My romance with chicken wings started with Buffalo flavored wings. No, not the one with breading and whatnot. I meant authentic Buffalo-style - like the one that they do on Buffalo, New York. Just chicken, butter, vinegar, and hot sauce, that's it. No flour, salt, and pepper, just unadulterated goodness, and this one hit every single one of them.
Pojo's Chicks N' Chips - WTF On The Go
Nashville - now I am not familiar with the flavor but when I spoke to the owner, Gio, he mentioned that he was inspired by a YouTube video showcasing how to make very hot chicken wings. It is indeed spicy! There's no acidity unlike the buffalo wing to counter the spicy sensation however, you can pair it with their sour cream or their garlic mayo dip to maximize the flavor and hotness. One note, I wish they put up a description of what Nashville flavor profile meant so that customers will have an idea about it.
Pojo's Chicks N' Chips - WTF On The Go
Buttered Chicken - Chloe's favorite. The wings are flavored perfectly, not too greasy, just enough for you to be able to taste the juicy meat inside. If you want to play with your palate, go ahead and dip it on their spicy garlic mayo to give it a little ump!
Pojo's Chicks N' Chips - WTF On The Go
Salted Egg
Salted Egg - this one is the least of our favorites. The salted egg flavor is weak and not enough to activate my palate. I think they used an actual mashed salted egg, however, that alone is not enough. They can probably up the flavor by using flavored powder along with the mashed egg. Unlike the other wing flavor, this should be enjoyed without a dip for you to be able to get that salted egg taste.
My wife and I while feasting on Pojo's Chicks N' Chips wings
In this new normal that we are in right now it is safe to say that food delivery dominates at the moment but take note for all aspiring food seller, you don't enter the food & beverage industry because of the money, you're in it because you love food and aspire to provide great quality food to your customer.

I like the boldness of the owners of Pojo's Chicks N' Chips. Shifting from other industries to the food industry is a big risk but they managed to pull it off. Yes, there are setbacks and they won't get everything perfect on their first month, heck, even year but if they continue to improve the quality of their menu items, they'll be one of metro's best wings. For a new blood, you guys are doing great.

Now, stop reading and order! You can reach them via their Facebook page: Pojo's Chicks N' Chips.

By the way, this is our first entry on our WTF On The Go articles where we review home-based food businesses. We rate them by the; quality of food, customer interaction, value for money delivery, and packaging. 
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  • Food and Value for money
    • Wings are flavored perfectly, albeit not all (the salted egg one is a miss).
    • They are using grade A-wings (3 joints) which is the highest quality of chicken that we have on our local market.
    • The dips are superb, there is room for improvements but overall good nonetheless.
    • Work on the salted egg, improve it.
    • Spicy garlic mayo lacks that garlicky flavor versus its non-spicy counterpart.
    • At least describe the flavor profile on the menu.
  • Customer Service
    • One of the owners, Gio, is very on-hand on their Facebook page and he replies to my question promptly.
  • Delivery and Packaging
    • Not sure who delivered the items (probably Angkas/Grab) but the item was handled properly.
    • The packaging is basic, you got mini seal dipping cups and paper trays for the wings which is always a big plus for us (GO GREEN FOR GOODNESS SAKE!)
    • Now, this is just me being nit-picky but sooner or later you will need to get yourself customized packaging to increase your brand visibility/awareness.
Let's rate them, shall we?
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value for money: 4.5/5
Delivery and packaging: 4/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5
Pojo's Chicks N' Chips - WTF On The Go

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