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Ooma in BGC
A sultry Japanese experience from Ooma
Ooma - sounds weird ey? After a couple of short research, with the help of my friend Google Translate, I found out that it's umai (うまい) which means good. And here I am thinking that the umay that we, Filipinos use, is a bad thing (i.e. nakakaumay naman yung pagkain).

We found this restaurant while strolling along Bonifacio High Street. Since we are fairly familiar with the place, I saw this unfamiliar signage and there I am, ready to be OOMA-MAZE! (Damn, I'm getting good at this)

There was a queue and I think it's because it's newly opened, we waited for a good 15-20 minutes before we get seated which is not bad considering the mystery that this place will offer.

As we seated, we immediately ordered: the good ol' Miso Soup (PHP75), Scallop and Tuna Aburi Maki (PHP295) and Buta Kakuni (PHP370).

While waiting for our orders to arrive, I was mesmerized by how the overall restaurant was designed. I just found out that the inspiration behind the theme is the Tsukiji Market in Japan.

Authentic Japanese stall vibe
Authentic Japanese stall vibe

Ooma crew in BGC are getting ready for the dinner service
Ooma crew in BGC are getting ready for the dinner service
After a couple of sweet talks with my wife, our orders arrived. Our daughter was excited to taste her very first Miso Soup (she's just 3).
Utensils are rustic and edgy
Utensils are rustic and edgy
Ooma's Miso Soup (php75)
Miso Soup (PHP75)
The broth is superb and the flavor is soft. The nori is fresh and not processed. The problem with this particular dish is that the tofu, it's few.
Ooma's Buta Kakuni (php370)
Buta Kakuni (PHP370)

This particular dish is one of my favorites! The meat is tender and very flavorful, it literally melts in your mouth, pairs it with the broth extracted from the pork itself, goodness, this one is to die for. The downside is the serving is not that big but it's totally worth ordering. This I will recommend proudly!
Ooma's Scallop and Tuna Aburi Maki (php295)
Scallop and Tuna Aburi Maki (PHP295)
This is my wife's favorite. The serving is generous and the succulent taste of scallop and tuna will reintroduce you to the new meaning of fresh. The plating is top-notch and very intimidating.

The service is top-notch, accommodating servers but it took us a couple of call-outs before they gave us a glass of water.

Overall, it's was a blast! We had fun and looks like I'll be seeing more of this store soon.
  • Place
    • You'll get the Japanese market vibe which is really cool
    • They also have outside seating
    • Very high-end feel
    • Tends to get a little crowded inside
  • Service
    • They are prompt and quick when it comes to delivering our orders
    • We had to ask a couple of servers to follow up our request for a glass of water
  • Price
    • The price is somewhat okay because of the quality of the food 
    • The serving is not that large.
Location: Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM to 10:30 PM
Contact Number: +63 9176316913
Let's rate them, shall we?
Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Service: 3/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

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